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Attend a Free Educational Weight Loss Seminar

If you want to get your weight and your health back under control, attend one of our free patient educational seminars and support groups at East Orange General Hospital.

Wednesdays | 5:30pm - 6:30pm 

East Orange General Hospital

Seminars Held: 



Medical Supervised Weight Loss


3 Types of Weight Loss Surgery


Individualized Plan


Nutritional & Counseling Support


Fitness Services


Multi-disciplinary Team Including a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Dietitian, Psychologist & Fitness Instructor

Lose Weight. Live Life.

Expert Help for Those Who Are Seriously Overweight

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The East Orange Approach

What is Metabolic Surgery?

Did you know that weight loss, or bariatric, surgery can do more than help you lose weight?

 It can also help improve or in some cases completely cure you of certain deadly diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and even cancer. If you or a loved one is struggling with one of these conditions, you should consider the powerful metabolic effects of the weight loss surgery options.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team includes a nurse practitioner, clinical dietician, psychologist and fitness instructor. Every patient  receives an individualized plan that includes a range of nutritional and counseling support as well as fitness services. These are the tools needed for patients to be successful in their quest to improve their quality of life and overall health.

Medical Supervised Weight Loss

A comprehensive, non-surgical approach to significant weight loss that includes education, nutritional guidance, exercise and/or medication

Sleeve Gastronomy

Procedure where a major part of the stomach is removed, leaving behind a "sleeve", therefore limiting the amount of food the stomach can hold and reducing hunger 

Revisional Surgery

If you have previously undergone weight loss surgery and are experiencing weight regain, we offer consultations and procedures to combat this

Endoscopic & Novel Therapies

Alternative weight loss procedures such as the gastric balloon

Gastric Bypass

Considered the gold standard of weight loss surgery, this method separates the stomach into two parts to limit food consumption and produce extreme weight loss 

Fitness Program

This supporting approach to a weight loss program helps our patients make fitness a way of life by giving them an inspiring workout environment 

No matter which program you choose, East Orange General Hospital will empower you to succeed in your weight loss journey. 

We are proud of our robust  and active support group system including Spanish groups, mens-only groups, post-operative support groups, and a "back on track" group for candidates experiencing weight regain.

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